Monday, April 5, 2010


I think Adelaide is fast becoming my favourite city for music in Australia. I never would have imagined writing that sentence a few months ago when I knew shit all about the place but the city has some really great bands. Here's two that are currently residing in Adelaide and their respective music videos.


ANOTHER project from Liam and Pat, the prolific guys who brought you Bitch Prefect, Dud Pills and many more awesome bands. Immortal Warlord is their foray into the realm of psychadelic pop and damn can they pull it off. This video/song is dreamy lysergic bliss at it's most euphoric and any brutally intense nightmarish acid freakouts are very far away from here.

Check out Pat's youtube video channel, he's the guy who makes the videos and it's a damn fine body of work.


I played a show with Birth Glow about 3 years ago and I can barely remember it because I was pretty messed up at the time but they had this song about Batman that I heard way too many times (Suburban Revolution compilation CDR, anyone still got a copy that isn't scratched to death?) and it screwed up my idea of the band. Watching this video blows away any doubt I had - It's really incredible and as soon as I can I'm getting a copy of their album to make up for lost time. The video is from a few years ago but I just found out about it recently so if you haven't seen this and you like things that are awesome, check it out.

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