Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Hi-Fi Bar. It cost $6.50 for a can of Carlton Draught and I was dumb enough to buy 4. Besides that the show was quite good and it's a shame more people didn't come. I'm looking at YOU.


The Lost Domain formed in 1990 and this show was a 20th anniversary special performance of sorts. I liked it, one long jam that got more eccentric as it went on and by the end it nicely deteriorated into the band coercing the audience to yell 'MOTHERFUCKER' over and over again.


The constantly evolving musik machine that is Blank Realm play an epic set of good ol' fashioned stadium rock. It was great to see them play on a really big stage and it was easy to imagine them playing to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans crying from excitement and it's 1981, love is in the air and the world is ours to ruin.


Jandek is hard to describe. It made me feel very lonely, a mind fuck of sounds that lasted a little over an hour which was even more pronounced in the sparsely attended cavernous hi-fi venue. It was a very surreal haunting experience that won't be forgotten, very unique and amazing. Strangely enough I found myself afterwards at a party in his hotel room and we drank beer and ate cheese until 2am and he was a damn nice guy.

Black Widow also played and it was a great collaboration between Joel Stern and Rob MacManus but the footage I filmed decided to jerk me around and don't ya just hate that?


Nick Dan said...

Thanks Matt.. was it like that 5 minutes the whole way through??

eternalsoundcheck said...

that footage was from the beginning of the set, and it kept changing and getting better and better. my camera ran out of battery so i lucked out capturing that.


wowww drinking with jandek. you are boss ace.

Anonymous said...

hi, was there too. Thanks for the footage and info. I also can't believe you met the MAN of Corwood. Lucky you. He seemed like the most isolated person on this planet before the show. Any other details you could share? dan

eternalsoundcheck said...

he was great, very patient considering there were about 10 drunk people crowding his small suite. he told me he liked coopers beer and gave me a few from his fridge ('take what you need') and cut up some cheese to share around - great hosting skills. i wish i wasn't as drunk as i was because it seemed like he was genuinely interested in talking but it was mostly about how good the beer was and how he liked brisbane. can't remember much else