Sunday, September 5, 2010


I know most of the shows I've filmed over the last couple of months have been from Burst City and it might seem a little repetitive but that's because it feels like the cosmic centre of Brisbane music right now. A show with a great lineup like this was going to be awesome no matter what venue it was in, but this was something else entirely. Feathers, Deadnotes and Slug Guts also played amazing sets that I wasn't able to film due to the dark lighting. Audio recordings of the whole night should be available at Turnitupto10 pretty soon I reckon.


Wow. There was something otherworldly about Blank Realm's set, a complete transcendental bliss that only this band can achieve. I was pretty out of it and can't really remember filming this but watching it back made me realise how much I fucking love this band.


Fabulous Diamonds are one of my favourite bands. This is the soundtrack to get wasted to and forget about your shitty life. They last played Brisbane a year ago supporting Pink Reason and were unfortunately mostly overlooked, but here they return and this time play a much deserved headline set.

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Anonymous said...

I think its a good thing you're covering Burst City so much because it wont last forvever and we'll miss it when it's gone. Great night on Friday, all the bands were awesome - I just wish that those attending Burst gave it the respect it derserves - people show total disregard for the venue by drinking on the street, kicking the buses parked outside and generally behaving in a manner which will draw the police attention it's a real bummer because it's this sort of selfish behavior which will shut burst down.../rant