Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Poster by Casey James Latimer

While on tour with Kitchen's Floor recently I had the opportunity to play with and film some amazing New Zealand bands.  Here is some of the footage.  The majority of our shows were with Auckland's Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing who I would vouch for as the greatest band in the world right now.  Watching them live every night was like taking part in an apocalyptic death cult ceremony, and I was binge drinking that kool aid son.  This video is the final song from their set at Auckland's Wine Cellar on August 13.  An as yet unreleased 15 minute journey titled The Icon Of Sin.


Centre Negative

Opening that same show was Auckland's Centre Negative, solo project of resident doer Michael McClelland.  Michael was also our tour manager so it was great to finally see his own band after the guilt of knowing he probably died a little inside from having to watch Kitchen's Floor every night for 2 weeks straight.  His band on the night consisted of friends Pat Kraus on guitar, Wilkie Thornton on keys, Perry Mahoney on bass, and our very own Glen Schenau on drums.  The song is The Bureaucrats Are Dying Off from 2015 album Emotion Is Cringey.


The Trendees

The Sunday previous (August 7) we played a house show in Oamaru, a small southern coastal town on the south island.  Oamaru is known for its creepy abandoned hospital, Janet Frame's house, docile-but-deadly sea lions, and world steam punk HQ.  It was organised by The Trendees, Oamaru locals who I would declare the ultimate definition of outsider punk.  No venue in Oamaru will let The Trendees play so this was a big deal for all involved.  The show was held in a small lounge room to an intimate crowd of what was mostly extended family and friends of the band, and us touring degenerates.  It was one of the most uniquely awesome shows I've ever witnessed.  This track is Powerwaves from their EP We Are Sonic Art.