Friday, September 30, 2016


The last surviving vestiges of an interesting local RnR community decide to get outta the cringe-fuck heckhole that is Brisbane and drive the western highway to the desolate hellhole that is Ipswich.  This show was an experiment to see if Ipswich can mentally handle anything more than hardcore and the answer is no they can't but it was fun anyway.  The Coronation Hotel in West Ipswich is a fine establishment with reasonable drink prices and a classic no bullshit wake in fright pub vibe that I can't speak more highly of. 


Ultimate SE Queensland cult band exiles from clowntown with their first live appearance in 18 months and by their own description "sloppy as fuck!".  Fuck their modesty it's fucking amazing.


Cannon is THE band that keeps the party alive in Brisbane.  Most venues might be fading away from us freaks due to commercial considerations.  The ol' houseshow might just be a memory in 2016 but the party is always raging at the Murray's house and I salute their service to good time RnR and the timeless art of getting wasted.  


Bent's last state show before heading south on tour.  Good luck Bent! The week before I drunkenly took home this really nice green corduroy hat from Heidi's kitchen table and I was wearing it all week round town feeling fuckin' awesome but I felt guilty because it wasn't my hat and finally the guilt became too much so I couldn't wear the hat anymore so I returned the hat at this show and it wasn't even Heidi's hat it was Pam's hat.  Don't let me near hats or alcohol or rock shows or humans anymore.  If you read all of that instead of watching the video you're either more lost than I am or you are Pam finally learning where your hat went for a week.  BENT best Brisbane band 2016.


If any of our silly big city Brisbane rock bands are gonna hit a chord with the people of Ipswich it's gonna be CLEVER right? fkn right, and I reckon they hit that chord wholeheartedly.  Most of what's happening in Brisbane sucks at the moment.  I hold a boring theory that with every medium-large city like Brisbane the quality and integrity of bands will always go up and down over time but lately I gotta say Brisbane has been lame lame fucking lame.  That sentiment excludes the bands/people I'll support to the death - I hope you know who you are otherwise ask me to find out but really if you have to ask I probably think you are mediocre and only adding to the mediocrity of this town.  Clever is fighting the good fight and fighting it with integrity, passion, and wasted abandon and it is awesome to witness as just another drunken idiot in the crowd.  As a whole though the war is lost when it comes to this music of minds shit and I feel Clever know it too.  Prove me wrong kids.  Create something new and great above the cute tropical nightmare university rich kid pop that pollutes the front pages of this place I dare you.