Friday, August 27, 2010


So... not many updates this month. I've been busy putting together the Eternal Soundcheck screening night (Get ya tickets here!) but I've been meaning to post these awesome Clag videos for a little while now.

Clag were a Brisbane band from the early 90's - really great and pure lo-fi pop music. Members of Clag went on to play in heaps of bands - Beaches, Minimum Chips, Panel of Judges, Custard etc.


This video was filmed in 1993 at their house in Red Hill (the suburb over from mine, lovin' the local history). This song is an ode/anthem to that very sharehouse (I think).

Also here's footage of Clag performing at the 1992 4ZZZ Market Day:

You can download some of their recorded work here.


Ben said...

Wow, thanks!

bek said...

thanks heaps man... cd is a coming.. really, it is. it's been mastered..

Rachael said...

Thanks for havin' me in there the other night,
(great fun bein back in the studio!)
... and for yr Clag support,
both, bandwise, at the gig,
and ZZZwise, with promotions etc!