Wednesday, January 19, 2011


'The First Year' film is gonna be showing in Sydney at Good God Small Club on January 27th. It's also the 7" launch of Adelaide's Bitch Prefect, one of my favourite bands. Also playing is Southern Comfort (also a mega favourite) and Kitchen's Floor.

Facebook event.


On a downer note, when I was in Melbourne last week both my video cameras were stolen along with a bunch of other stuff of mine that was keeping me relatively sane. I lost all the footage I had filmed while on tour as well, and you can't replace that shit. I basically can't keep doing this blog without a video camera so until I get another one there won't be much happening here. Depressing. You can help out heaps by donating some funds (Paypal button on your right), which will go towards a new camera. I'm extremely broke which is why I'm asking but as far as I can tell everyone is poor as fuck right now too so I don't expect anything. I just want to keep filming bands etc.

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