Sunday, March 25, 2018


Poster by Heidi Cutlack
It's 2018 and the immortal Brisbane houseshow is back.  Red Hill and the inner west is where it's at.  This was a really nice show on a Saturday afternoon turned evening, with Karli White up from Melbourne along with Manners/Blend 42 From Outer Space/Glen Schenau/Brick Brick & Terorist.  Here is a pic of Glen:

And here is Brick Brick, a new band I'm drumming in with Heidi (Bent/Scaredy Snake) and Phoebe fkn BMX with a guest appearance from Tristan (Cannon/Manners). Our first show! In Heidi's laundry! This song is called Monsters:

This one is called House Show Song (working title):

You reckon we did a Placebo cover? Course we fkn did.

Karli White was fantastic, Manners were sublime, Blend 42 was from outer space and Terorist was Teroristic.  

Courtesy to Glen for filming BRICK BRICK.

Party on you redundant blogspot travellers.

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