Monday, April 26, 2010


Burst City is a brand new venue in Brisbane, it's an old community hall situated across the road from the museum dinosaurs in South Bank. This was my first time there and although there were some sound/lighting issues I have no doubt that once the place gets settled down (or doesn't get shut down) it's going to be one of the best places to see bands play in Brisbane.


On tour for their new album and their first time in Brisbane, Melbourne's Chrome Dome are living the hedonistic wastoid dream to the fullest. This is artistic expression at it's most pure as the songs are an uncompromisingly harsh soundtrack to their fucked up lifestyle. There is no separation between the people/music here folks, this is the real deal. I wish more bands were like this instead of living their art only on the weekends inbetween uni assignments like some lame arse indie rock band. Chrome Dome live this shit 24/7 and deserve your respect.


The last time I saw Feathers was at least 2 years ago and I can barely remember it which makes for a weak opening to this paragraph. Since then they've lost members, acquired some new members and written a bunch of new songs. I was looking forward to filming them but the lack of lighting in the venue made it hard. I've added some sepia brightness effect crap to this to make it watchable because I thought the song was really good. I promise next time Feathers play I'll get some Grade A premium beef footage because they're worth it.

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